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“I believe art’s role is to inspire and assist in the reconnection of humans to the earth, each other and the infinite possibilities of the cosmos. Today we must return to a natural harmony with the planet or face extinction. Through arts collaboration with science and education we can engage communities in innovative solutions for healing environmental and social illness.” – Jesse Etelson



Enriching communities and natural areas by integrating science, history and art with infrastructure designed to protect wildlife habitat, clean up pollution, create “green” energy, facilitate sustainable farming, enhance Eco-tourism and promote the harmony of all creatures.


South Florida native, raised by naturalists in a cooperative community on the Indian River Lagoon | Ten-year tenure as a Montessori art educator | EcoArt Treasure Coast apprentice, mentored by pioneering environmental artist Betsy Damon and activist/art historian Mary Jo Aagerstoun | Assistant to pioneering wildlife EcoArtist Lynne Hull | Implemented Earth Day 2010 installation of a series of floating bio-Islands at Florida Oceanographic Society Coastal Center | Exhibiting social documentary on the cultural history of East Stuart, a 100-year old African-American community in South Florida | Collaborating with Audubon Society ornithologists to construct experimental bird and insect habitats | Mentoring art students in EcoArt theory and practice, culminating in a public exhibitions | Teaching EcoArtist with the Center for Creative Education, Palm Beach County | Facilitating EcoArt workshops with Boys and Girls Clubs of Martin County | Keynote speaker on EcoArt and Social Practice in the 2012 Chautauqua South lecture series | Director of ongoing EcoArt projects in Palm Beach and Martin County, Florida | Martin County Advisory Board member of EcoArt South Florida | Founding member, organizer and artist for River Justice League | Recipient of the 2013 Arts and Healing Network Honoring the Next Generation Award | Character Designer for GlobHammer Studios, Bushwick, NYC | Founding member of Artists for Climate Action | Director of Storm Drain Mural Artist Intervention of the High Water Line, Delray Beach | Founding member and exhibitor at the Love the Everglages Movement Summer Symposium |



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Jesse Etelson

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